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Newly Launched SAFER for Cosmetics and Health Care Products

Posted by Ernestas AltumRetail on

Century has launched three brand new Safers which are suitable for various sizes of cosmetics and health care products. These new Safers protect products from stealing while also enhance customer shopping experience. They are transparent and solid, some of them even flexible in size.

Century newly launched Easetube series, one of the key product lines of Century’s Safer product, distinguishes itself by its adjustable and flexible in height design which is suitable for various sizes of merchandises and saves customer huge investment in inventory of Safer. Both F6558 and F6559 are the latest addition to the Easetube series, which are suitable for different sizes of products. It’s specially designed for cosmetics and health care products from theft while still available for customers to see, touch and feel.


Another new launched F7777 is another key safer of Century for oral care products. The internal dimension of F7777 measures (56.29~ 76.37)×31.49×22.04 inch / (143~194)×80×56 mm. It’s specially made for Oral-B brush header protection. The transparent design provides high security for retailers, and will not ruin customer’s superior shopping experience at all!

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