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PIR Motion Sensor - Plays speech, music or sound effects

  • £169.00

PIR Motion Sensor, Pro Edition with Multi-Track feature, download your own MP3 files, Play speech, music or sound effects - MicroUSB included

When people pass by the speaker, it will automatically play the audio files pre-stored.
1. Use PIR motion sensor as the detector, and the max sensing distance is 5m.
2. Support MP3 format of audio files, excellent sound quality(solution 3 only).
3. Built-in flash memory, and users can easily load MP3 files to the internal flash memory using a micro SD card(solution 3 only).
4. Two work modes available(see the user manual for details)
4. Volume is adjustable.
5. Plug and play design.
6. 3pcs AAA batteries for power.

There are three selectable solutions for customers based on this speaker. See the following.
Solution 1: We pre-record customers' sound file in the speaker, and the sound can never be changed(cheapest solution).

Solution 2: We supply the speakers without pre-recorded sound, and users can load/update the sound(wav file at sampling rate 20KHZ) by themselves through a special software we provide .

Solution 3: We supply the speakers without pre-recorded sound, and users can directly load/update MP3 file in the speaker.
You can select one of the solutions according to your actual requirements.

The blind community guidee | Museum Product Description | Freight yard | Direction Guide| Blind Community | Public places |Elevator | Scenic Spots | Advertising | ZOO | Playground | Escalators: | Safety Yare | ......where need guide, remind with loud sound area | Promote products at supermarkets, shopping malls, book stores and so on.
Power supply:Battry Cell 3 * AAA
Duration time will be over 40h
Audio format :OTP (typical)
Bit rate: 8 ~ 320Kbps
Audio output power :8Ω/ 0.5W (typical)
Infrared sensor range :≤ 3 m (120 angle)
Dimension Total size: 6 * 3 * 10 mm
Two level volum adjustable.

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