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Invue OneKey AK4400 - charging

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The new OneKey enhances the IR Ecosystem experience with:

 Extended battery life and increased key lifespan
› Integrated Micro-USB charging for a single key
› A new 8-up capacity OneKey Charger
› LED visual feedback for key authorization, bat-tery life and programming time out
› Works with all current InVue products
› Enables InVue Access Manager

The OneKey is part of the exclusive InVue IR Ecosystem, a storewide single key solution that improvescustomer service, increases sales and provides high theft protection.


1 Works with all InVue current and futureproducts — factory set in IR2 mode tooperate with IR Programming Station makes itbackwards compatible
2 The OneKey has been engineered to be ahigher capacity key enabling a full batterycharge during the entire authorized time and alonger overall lifespan
3 Economical 8-up OneKey Charger is easy touse and reduces cost of ownership
4 Built-in micro USB charging enables 8-upcharging and single key charging withstandard micro USB power supply
5 Intuitive LED visual feedback ensures properkey usage:
› Authorization
› Key time out
› Battery life
6 When paired with Access Manager:
› Allows the store to be zoned and setassociate access to InVue devices
› Allows store management to audit everyInVue device interaction and know exactlywho, when and where
› Programmable key attributes via AccessManager tailor key timeout, sounder alert duration and volume


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