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MultiAlarm Cable Tag - RF - 3 Alarm - 170mm

  • £5.49

MultiAlarm Tags are perfect to secure your valuable goods that can seriously hurt your business if stolen. MultiAlarm Tags can effectively protect items such as high-end clothing, women's handbag, sports equipment and other. It is easy to use and ensures triple security because of 3 alarm system, which means that tag alarms at any attempt to remove it, self alarms when trying to take outside the store and also alarms RF door system.

Dimensions: 82x39x26.2 mm
Frequency: RF
Module: 3A
Alarm volume: 95 dB
Applications: Blister packages, sports equipment, power tools, grills, Coats, dresses
Lock: Super
Colors: Black 
Battery life time: 3 years

Dual temper proof lanyard
LED flashing, strong deterrent

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